Tips for a Picture Perfect Wedding

1. Meet with your photographer in person (if possible) to see if your personalities and styles match.

2. Schedule an engagement photo session. This gives you a chance to work with the photographer in a relaxed setting. When you're together again at the wedding, you'll feel much more comfortable with the photography.

3. Choose a photographer who can provide you with referrals from previous clients.

4. Choose a photographer who thrives on providing superior customer service and who cares about your wishes. That way you can relax and leave those details to the photographer on the wedding day.

5. Ask your photographer who they recommend for things such as invitations, flowers, the cake or a wedding planner. A referral from a trusted source is always easier when it comes to making purchases you've probably never made before.

Left: Here's one of the images from Chris & Kim's engagement photo session a couple of months before their wedding. We had a great time and perfect fall weather too!

The Photographer - Julie Kemerling


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